Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are in relation to goods or services provided by 3SGUK LIMITED (Company number 09795216), operating under the name StepnRepeat via the domain www.stepnrepeat.co.uk.

  1. Force Majeure 

1.1 – StepnRepeat shall be under no liability for any failure, delay, or omission by it in the performance of its obligations if such failure, delay, or omission arises from any cause beyond our control, including, but not limited to acts of god, acts or regulations of any governmental or supra-national authority, war or national emergency, fire, civil disobedience, strikes, lock-outs, technical black-outs like power failures, internet failures etc. and industrial disputes.

1.2 Any issue which hinders performance of fulfilling a contract such as preventing access to a venue or the timely completion of work quoted is not the responsibility of StepnRepeat. When situations like these occur, this is not a refundable invoice reason.

  1. Payment Terms

2.1 – StepnRepeat will issue an invoice to the client upon successful order completion and design approval for any of its hire or purchase items to be supplied.

2.2 – No production will start on the goods until the payment has been made into the account stated on the invoice.

2.3 – StepnRepeat do not offer any forms of credit or terms of payment. StepnRepeat is a ‘pay-as-you-go business and production will not commence until payment is made in full.

2.4 – Payment can be made by bank transfer by BACS/CHAPS/FPS into the account stated on the invoice, or via debit or credit card payment over the phone. StepnRepeat do not accept payment via American Express, AMEX and nor do we accept cash payments. If not an instant payment, you must prove payment with a transfer receipt / remittance advice.

2.5 – E-Transfer fraud is a growing trend, especially in the event industry. With express turnaround installations, if you the client or any staff member supplies a fake bank transfer receipt / remittance advice, we reserve the right to refuse installation, or if installation has occurred, we will remove hire items during the event. This is also the case if any payment due has been transferred to the incorrect account. The client will get the opportunity to attempt payment again prior to removal where possible.

We will remove anyone using the wall and in a safe and calm manner, and proceed to de-rig any materials and remove them from the event.

2.6 – If payment has not been made in full prior to the event (see 2.5), you the client are still liable to make payment, regardless of whether the item(s) has/have been removed or not. Our Collections and/or Legal team will be in touch for full payment plus any interest and extra charges incurred if applicable.

2.7 – We reserve the right to name any business that has defrauded StepnRepeat on our social media channels in order to alert other industry professionals.


  1. Pricing

3.1 – StepnRepeat will provide a quote based on the product and services as per the prices listed on the StepnRepeat website at the time of the client order being submitted.

3.2 – StepnRepeat reserves the right to introduce new products/services or to modify/upgrade existing products/services provided on the site. As a result, StepnRepeat may, at its sole discretion, introduce new charges for the new or modified/upgraded products/services provided. Any changes shall be posted on the StepnRepeat site, and such changes shall automatically become effective immediately after being posted on the site.

  1. Delivery

4.1 – StepnRepeat will do its level best to ensure timely delivery for our client’s events and will always explain to the delivery client that your goods must be delivered on your event date, or when stated in the questionnaire (see 5.3). StepnRepeat cannot take any responsibility if the client misses the delivery on the date we confirm. A new delivery will take place on the same day, where applicable, or the next following working day (costs may apply).

4.2 – The client understands that deliveries take place between 0800hrs and 1800hrs on weekdays only (Monday-Friday, except Bank Holidays). Any installation outside of these hours (i.e. 1700hrs-0900hrs Mon-Friday and all day on weekends) will be subject to additional fees, depending on the product.

4.3 – All deliveries are fully insured, images must be taken of any damage to claim a refund or replacement. The images will be checked and confirmed by StepnRepeat that the damage has not been caused by man-handling the product while installing – if this is the case, then the client will need to purchase the item again.


  1. Installation/De-Rig Performance 

5.1 – StepnRepeat allow a maximum of 1 (one) hour to unload and install the product(s) at the client’s event. Should there be any delay in entering the venue, e.g. delayed access, security issues, further charges will be incurred due to the knock-on effect this will have on other installations.

5.2 –  If StepnRepeat are delayed due to an organisation issue at the client’s end, we reserve the right to charge for the waiting time at £90.00 + VAT per hour, per StepnRepeat staff member, plus any parking charges incurred.

5.3 – The client will be required to complete an event information questionnaire (supplied by StepnRepeat via Typeform) in advance of production and delivery of any StepnRepeat product. These Terms & Conditions must be accepted before the order is accepted and an invoice released. The client will be required to be clear about the environment in which the installation of goods will take place (e.g. building type, business type, lift/stair access to upper floors if applicable). Should any changes be required after the order has been accepted and an invoice raised, we will require a new Typeform to be completed to reflect these changes – a new invoice will then be raised.

5.4 – If StepnRepeat conclude that it cannot access the area easily or install the goods safely, we have the right to refuse the order.

5.5 – Details of all parties involved with the installation of hire goods at the client end will be requested as part of the Typeform questionnaire mentioned in 4.3.

5.6 – Failure to provide full,  accurate information on the questionnaire prior to the time of installation will result in StepnRepeat refusing the installation and no refund will be given.

5.7 – Should a refusal take place, then StepnRepeat will attempt installation at a different time, but additional charges will apply at our discretion.

5.8 – We will de-rig and collect your products at the time specified on the information questionnaire (see 5.3). Should the de-rig/collection date and time fall outside of our standard hours (see 4.2) then this would be classed as out-of-hours collection and an additional charge of £100 will apply on top of the additional charge.

5.9 – The client understands that de-rig and collections take place between 0900hrs and 1700hrs on weekdays only (Monday-Friday, except Bank Holidays). Any collections outside of these hours (i.e. 1700hrs-0900hrs Mon-Friday and all day on weekends) will be subject to additional fees, depending on the product.

  1. Carpet Installation

6.1 –  If you have chosen to include carpet as part of your installation, StepnRepeat UK cannot accept responsibility for any issues surrounding fitting on non-standard surfaces. The carpets we fit from our third party suppliers are of excellent quality with a non-slip backing and work best on surfaces such as tile, concrete, wood and laminate flooring. If the client’s venue is already fitted with carpet, the carpet adhesions that StepnRepeat supply may be liable to slip or move when under duress.

6.2 – StepnRepeat must install each carpet with accompanying ropes and stanchions to pass any Health & Safety checks.

6.3 – Carpet will not be installed onto natural or artificial grass without 18mm ply added to the surface first, for which additional costs will apply.  Prices start from £300.00 + VAT for this additional service.


  1. Definition of ‘Express Orders’

7.1  – If your event is within 7 (seven) days of your first contact with StepnRepeat, then we withhold the right to refuse the order on grounds of timeliness. A standard order – including approved artwork and received payment – should ideally be raised and paid for no sooner than 10 (ten) working days prior to the event where the items are required.

7.2 – Should the order fall outside of the terms stated in 7.1 (i.e. within 10 working days of the event), then we would require immediate, cleared artwork and payment for us to be able to consider producing the items required within the desired timeframe.

7.3 – Under no circumstances should an ‘express order’ or ‘express turnaround’ be judged as being possible in anything other than a minimum of 7 (seven) days between the order taking place and the event in question (including payment, Information sheet and artwork approval).


  1. Hire Items

8.1 – Hire Goods are hired subject to them being available for hire to the customer at the time required by the customer. StepnRepeat will not be liable for any loss suffered by the customer as a result of the hire goods being unavailable.

8.2- While the client is in receipt of the items, the client must take full responsibility for their care. If the installation hire is outside, the client is responsible for the items and they must be taken inside for protection in the event of bad weather/unsafe circumstances. If the client chooses to leave any hire items unattended overnight outside, responsibility remains with the client.

8.3 – If the items get lost, stolen or damaged while in the client’s care, they remain fully chargeable.

8.4 – If the client requests to remove the hire items (and this has been agreed with StepnRepeat) then the responsibility is solely with the client to de-rig the hire items in a safe and sensible manner. If any damage happens to the hire items during a client de-rig then this is chargeable. Instructions on how to install and de-rig are at the bottom of this Terms & Conditions page.

8.5 – All hire costs are based on a one night/day event, with installation and collection at the same venue. If the wall is moved to another venue or location/area, costs may apply. Longer hire of the items may incur extra charges.

8.6 – If the hire items are not received back the next working day (Monday-Friday, except Bank Holidays)  then the original hire charge will apply daily until the items are received back to the StepnRepeat head office. A deposit may be taken in advance for security, Where there is delayed return of the items, damage or loss, you may lose your deposit plus replacement charges or daily hire prices may apply.

  1. Non-Delivery of Goods and Services

9.1 – StepnRepeat will try our level best to adapt to any conditions outside of a force majeure (see 1.1), but will only install items if it feel that the product is safe in situ. If there is any reasonable doubt the product will not be installed, and we will work with the client to find a better solution or location for the product. Failing that, the product will not be installed and StepnRepeat will offer you an installation, free of charge, using the same branding/backdrop on a date which is convenient to both parties.

  1. Damages

10.1 – Any damage or loss to products supplied by StepnRepeat are the client’s responsibility. An invoice will be raised to you or your client’s company for the replacement of any items damaged, missing or lost. Extra charges may apply if collection or delivery is needed. Refer to 10.2 for a breakdown of these costs.

10.2 – Breakdown of costs resulting from damage or loss to StepnRepeat hire products;

  • Stanchions/Rails: £99.99 each + VAT
  • Red Ropes: £29.99 each + VAT
  • Stepnrepeat walls start from £999.00 + VAT
  • Collection/ delivery costs start from £200.00 + VAT


  1. Cancellations

11.1 – StepnRepeat UK reserve the right to transfer your installation/de-rig date to another date without any charge, providing the new date is available. Additional charges may apply if the new date of installation falls on a weekend or out of normal working hours.

11.2 – The client must give a minimum of 2 (two) weeks prior notice to any event date being cancelled for a full refund, on the understanding that no production has taken place within that time. Once you approve the design and payment is made, production is started, the installation date is booked in and all elements of the invoice apply.

11.3 – Express orders (see section 7) do not fall under the same terms as in 11.2. Once the design is approved,, production of the goods will start to help complete on time for your event date. If the client decides to cancel and the invoice has not been settled due to the timeframe, then the fabric only will be chargeable and payment is due immediately.

11.4 – The client must notify StepnRepeat in writing of a cancellation, or StepnRepeat will be obliged to charge the full fee. If the event must be postponed, StepnRepeat will automatically roll over to the new date and platform, therefore the invoice will need to be settled first before a new date can be confirmed by StepnRepeat.

11.5 – If  the client has paid in full and cancels the hire of goods, the client will be automatically given a future credit (valid for 12 months from issue) for another event or equivalent product/service using the same fabric background that has been printed for the first installation, (this does not include custom step and repeat wall sizes). if you need to change the fabric background then only that will be chargeable and a new invoice will be raised before the new date of installation.

11.6 – StepnRepeat may request in writing the reason behind the postponement or cancellation of the event. StepnRepeat shall not be liable any damages, costs, or losses incurred by the client, such as transportation costs, accommodation costs, or financial losses.

11.7 – StepnRepeat  are not responsible for obtaining the appropriate insurance to cover themselves with respect to such eventualities.

11.8 – In the event of a cancellation, any completed fabric printing will be delivered to the client at an address of the client’s choice (UK mainland only). Alternatively, it can be donated to local schools’ arts and crafts departments.

11.9 – If the client cancels within the two weeks period of notice, StepnRepeat reserve the right to hold all monies paid as the date has already been set aside for installation.

11.10 – Custom size StepnRepeat products have no cancellation period – the second you have settled your invoice, your items are custom made to your specification. Custom made StepnRepeat walls are a loss to our business at the time of order, as we cannot sell your size on afterwards. This means Stepnrepeat UK pay to have the framework adapted for the next client which costs time and money.

11.11 – Cancellations by StepnRepeat UK are 100% fully refundable under our terms of business. If for any reason StepnRepeat cancel a delivery or installation, do not arrive for an installation or make a mistake within their control that jeopardises your event, then rightfully a full refund will be given to you or your client.

  1. Social Media Usage

12.1 – After your goods are installed, StepnRepeat always like to take an image and/or video and occasionally feature them on our social media channels. If you would not like this to happen please state this to a member of staff or email us when we are at the quoting stage, it makes no difference to the costs – we just want to work with you, not against you.

  1. Respect

13.1 – At StepnRepeat, we will not stand for any forms of racism, sexism or prejudice directed at our staff.

Please respect this at all times; failure to do so will result in StepnRepeat UK cancelling your installation with no refund as you or your client have broken our terms. Also, if any of the above takes place while we are attending the installation of your event, we have the right to stop the installation, remove your items and leave with no refund.

Pronouns are part of someone’s gender expression, and people can have multiple sets of pronouns for themselves (such as using he/him/his, he/her/hers and they/them/theirs amongst other variations).

We will set out in writing to you the reason behind the cancellation, you will be deleted from our database and you will never work with us again. In extreme cases the police will be notified if StepnRepeat management or staff wish to pursue the matter further.

  1. PLI

14.1 – Each member of the StepnRepeat team is fully insured with £10m public liability cover.


  1. Risk Assessment

15.1 – We will require a minimum of 72 hours prior to your event to supply your RAMS, We will not supply RAMS until payment has been made.

Downloadable Materials – De-Rig & Instructions