Design and set-up

We can provide the artwork for you, just simply email your logos over and we do the rest, of course you are more than welcome to supply your own artwork.

Our team will always provide a complete graphics proof for your approval prior to printing. Our proofs are always to scale, so you’ll know exactly what your Step and Repeat will look like on event day.


With over 17 years in the sign, print, events and graphics industry we are known and trusted as the premier Step and Repeat provider. Unlike other printers and event signage companies we specialise in this area. Every day we provide quality event signage nationwide. The vast experience of our expert team will make your red carpet event special.

How do I handle the graphics?

That’s our job. Our team will always provide a complete graphics proof for your approval prior to printing.

Our proofs are always to scale, so you’ll know exactly what your Step and Repeat will look like on event day.

What graphic file types can I supply?

We prefer Vector Outline EPS files or Adobe Illustrator. These allow us to scale your logo to any size without any loss of quality. Also, vector files are never “pixelated”
JPEGS and PDF’s will work. Just keep in mind, if the file is really small, when it’s scaled up it can be blurry or “pixelated.”

What about rush orders?

Most printers “outsource” their work to other printers like ourselves, That usually accounts for their slow leadtime. With us, you’re going to the source. Keep in mind that although we have the fastest turnaround in the industry, we still need as much courtesy notice as possible.

How about super unique orders?

We love pushing the envelope and making really fun Step and Repeats. Give us a call to discuss your options with our design team.

How about help setting up?

We have full service available or you can pick up at our facility and we will demonstrate in person how to do it.

Delivery & Installation?

We are nationwide and have full coverage for any delivery and installation.

What is a Step and Repeat?

A step and repeat backdrops (sometimes a step and repeat wall or press wall) is a publicity backdrop used primarily for event photography, printed with a repeating pattern such that brand logos or emblems are visible in photographs of the individuals standing in front of it. Step and repeat backdrops are common fixtures of red carpet or fashion events, or custom-printed for weddings or galas in order to give a more “celebrity-like” feel to attendees’ photos

What could a Step and Repeat do for me?

The main use for step and repeats is brand awareness. Vendors may charge a sponsorship fee for a logo to be displayed or for the company name to be featured in the background. The idea is that the photos will be shared through various platforms causing a ripple effect in impressions. More recently, step and repeat backdrops are being used more widely in and not just for hollywood style and London events. They can also be seen at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, demo days, product launches, grand openings and even weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.

Step and repeats are an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your logo and company name featured in the backgrounds of images that’ll be used everywhere, from newspapers, Instagram, YouTube to Facebook profile pics. A step and repeat wall also adds a distinctly hip factor to any event, and gives off the impression that you represent a legit company. If you’ve got a step and repeat backdrop, your shindig is officially swanky – and worthy of Instagramming selfies from.

Where does Step and Repeat come from?

The Step and Repeat is a classic in the entertainment industry, the Phrase comes from photographers when they needed an actor or actress to pose in front of a specific location or area during a red carpet walk, An endless queue of famous people wait in line and are then asked to “step” up and pose in front of the backdrop. The photographer then asks the next celeb to “repeat” the process. Thus, “Step and Repeat.” Was born!

Maybe the photography phrase caught on and informed the Graphic designer world (it’s not entirely clear), but the second phrasing comes directly from a process in which graphic designers create an image, copy it, and repeat it in a “step” or diagonal pattern. This logo placement is essential to the business of Step and Repeat. The repeating logo is then printed on the backdrop, and is thus called the “step and repeat” by those designers, which ties all of this together nicely.

You don’t need to roll out the red carpet for a step and repeat to work its magic – they’re just as useful at parties, corporate events, charity nights, movie Premieres, product launches, trade shows, galas, grand openings and every other kind of event that you want your company to have a real presence at, remember if they have a phone, they have a camera, the step and repeat wall will be used and your brand is out on every social media platform!

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