Here are some frequently asked questions about Step and Repeat and our service. If you have another question or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a “Step and Repeat”?

Good question. The term originates from two sources. The first is the action of having talent “step” onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers and leave, while the next person follows and “repeats” the process. The second source originates from graphic designers that would create an image and repeat it. Overall, it refers to a wall that has sponsors logos on it for the purposes of advertising and capturing photos of celebrity or noteworthty people to be used in media outlets in film, television, magazines and websites. You can view our how it works diagram.

Why stepnrepeat.co.uk?

With over 17 years in the sign, print , events and graphics industry we are known and trusted as the premier Step and Repeat provider. Unlike other printers and event signage companies we specialise in this area. Every day we provide quality event signage nationwide. The vast experience of our expert team will make your red carpet event special. You can view some of our previous installations on the gallery page.

How do I handle the graphics?

That’s our job. Our team will always provide a complete graphics proof for your approval prior to printing.
Our proofs are always to scale, so you’ll know exactly what your Step and Repeat will look like on event day.

What graphic file types can I supply?

We prefer Vector Outline EPS files or Adobe Illustrator. These allow us to scale your logo to any size without any loss of quality. Also, vector files are never “pixelated”

JPEGS and PDF’s will work. Just keep in mind, if the file is really small, when it’s scaled up it can be blurry or “pixelated.”

What about rush orders?

Most printers “outsource” their work to other printers like ourselves, That usually accounts for their slow leadtime. With us, you’re going to the source. Keep in mind that although we have the fastest turnaround in the industry, we still need as much courtesy notice as possible.

How about super unique orders?

We love pushing the envelope and making really fun Step and Repeats. Give us a call to discuss your options with our design team.

How about help setting up?

We have full service available or you can pick up at our facility and we will demonstrate in person how to do it.

Delivery & Installation?

We are nationwide and have full coverage for any delivery and Installation.


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